Friday, July 20, 2018

Falling Palms by Sue Scoggins, North Carolina Painter

So.  With large paintings as my new assignment, I'm going to have to figure out how and where to paint them.  I wasn't about to say "no" to a new gallery.  But, it's not like I have some large warehouse studio.  I wish! At the beach, I have a small 8x16 foot space. Hmmm.  There are stacks of finished paintings for my New Bern show leaned up against the wall.  A desk.  A small loveseat is at the end where I have a little meditation and prayer  before I begin to paint each day. On the other side of the room are unfinished canvases leaning on windows waiting to be painted.  No easel.

I've ordered stretcher bars to clip canvas to.  That way I can paint the painting.  Unclip it.  Let it dry.  Roll it up and mail it.  But...oh no!  My stretcher bars haven't arrived yet. Not until next Friday.  What!!!  Anxious me cannot wait.  Besides.  Deadlines are approaching.

A BRILLIANT idea came while I was sleeping (It's what we painters do in our sleep.  Dream about the next painting.  It's a disease.) (Some women dream about "HOT" guys.  Did I really say that?)  I dreamt  TAPE!  Tape the canvas to the wall!  I used blue painters tape. The kind that won't take the paint off the wall?  Well...not only did it not stick to the wall, it didn't stick to the canvas either. The more I painted, the heavier it became, and the more it began to come off the wall.   I was frantically re-taping! (Is that a word?)  A canvas filled with oil paint was falling off the wall......HELP!  Palm trees coming down like a hurricane.  Almost like wallpaper...but covered with oil paint! Bad idea! Back to the "drawing board."  (That was suppose to be funny)
Maybe floors will work.

PS.  Those small trunks on the lower left look like ladies legs.  : )

The trunks still look like legs.  Hmmmm.


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