Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Painting by North Carolina Artist, Sue Scoggins

Blue Skies Smiling, 15x30 on canvas

This little contemporary ocean abstract was a delight to paint.  Strictly from an impression in my mind.  Love the size.  15x30.  Not too large that it needs the commitment of a large wall, but still rich in color and movement, full of simplicity and calm.

It's been a "century" since this blog has received a post. What can I say...painting is a priority and admin is uh....well...but I apologize because one wonderful thing about being an artist is sharing.  Sharing art tips and thoughts about what goes on in this artist's mind. In the summer my home is in a beautiful little coastal town in North Carolina.  How fortunate and forever grateful I am.

The summer has been a whirlwind of visitors so painting has been difficult to do consistently.  But, since there is show slated at the Little Art Gallery in September, the brushes had to go into high gear over the last couple of weeks.