Friday, August 18, 2017

Blue on Blue - an aqueduct impression by Sue Scoggins

Blue on Blue 36x36 oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Lest you think I've gone mad.....I couldn't paint an aqueduct impression without remembering my favorite little one out of Sienna, Italy. Two summers ago was a dream summer when I was honored to teach art at a beautiful Tuscan Boutique Hotel in Palazetto,Italy. Once a week, I would be driven to Siena to buy art supplies at the coolest, most eclectic, little art shop.  Each time, as we rounded the rolling hill and into the valley, my driver would point out the remains of this quiet little aqueduct.  It was out in the middle of no where and was said to have been dated around 4BC.  That is mind boggling! There it was, surrounded by castles and villages, but away and quietly alone, being overgrown by brush, yet it was still standing. 

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