Tuesday, January 19, 2016

TRANSITIONS - Abtracted expressionism - by Sue Scoggins, Southern Landscape Painter

Well, the shows are over this year.  The painting in Italy is now in the past.  It's time to settle in and think of the future. I have this insatiable thing that goes on inside me....I have to be challenged, create, learn. Can't just sit and watch tv...in fact, I don't even have a tv.

So, I've been dabbling in going more abstract.  I still have to have a lot of movement in my paintings and also a lot of color.  But, maybe now, the color will be a bit more subtle.  Maybe from far away the painting will look like one color or maybe two.  But when you get up close you'll see thousands of little nuances.  Painting smooth and flat has never been my forte. I just don't see how people do it.

So, this year will be a year of challenge.  Of learning.  Of wunderlust to see new ideas.  Maybe this will be a year of studying art.

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